General Election Endorsements

The PAC Committee reviewed 13 2020 general election questionnaires and made 13 additional endorsements–adding to the three already made for the primary. Click here to download our endorsement graphics.

The list of endorsees are:

Karen Smyth41st Senate District
Patrick Nelson43rd Senate District
Neil Breslin44th Senate District
Kimberly Davis45th Senate District
Michelle Hinchey46th Senate District
Thearse McCalmon49th Senate District
Jim Barber51st Senate District
Chad McAvoy101st Assembly District
Betsy Kraat102nd Assembly District
Brittany Vogel107th Assembly District
John McDonald108th Assembly District
Patricia Fahy109th Assembly District
Joe Seeman112th Assembly District
Claudia Braymer114th Assembly District
Justin CookScotia Village Trustee
Sonia FrederickCity of Albany, First Ward Common Council Member